caroline senley 5Caroline is known for meticulously detailed classic and contemporary design work in prime Central London, Europe, the USA and with global clientele.

Working primarily in residential Grade I and II listed properties across London, Caroline uses her extensive knowledge of design to ensure stylish chic and functionality, whilst retaining the historic status of the property. More recently undertaking boutique commercial projects too, adding a quirky timeless elegance.

Caroline is also involved with some of her long-term clients in refurbishing properties in central London to build her clients’ portfolios of high-end properties for sale or investment purposes.

Caroline Senley Designs, was founded in 2004 and with over 17 years of experience in high end super luxurious design and residential property development that offers a totally bespoke and discreet service.

Caroline incorporates bespoke pieces with contemporary or vintage pieces in an effortless mix that ensures her client list form long and lasting relationships with her team. Her impeccable, sophisticated taste and philosophy creates beautiful homes for her discerning clients. She creates wonderful spaces with works of art and luxury furnishings in all environments to the enjoyment of her clients at home and abroad.

caroline senley home 3Caroline’s signature look combines stunning lighting effects, luxury modern furniture, fine art and cutting edge touches to keep her bold designs unique and fascinating and glamorous for years to come and a contemporary stylish edge.

Caroline continually looks for cultural trends with new, innovative, and fresh ideas and concepts which she infuses into designs, and is inspired by her travels and daily encounters, uncovering and discovering new and exciting ideas, in the form of art, trends, fashion, food, classical and contemporary music.

Having travelled to over 100 countries and allowing every moment to stimulate and galvanise exciting new and classical inspirations.

Exhibitions, museums, history and architecture inspire and fire her imagination.